Test MRT

What seems to be the problem?

Life in a hurry at times of modified food and fast foods makes more and more of us struggling with diseases of digestive system, headaches and joints pain and dermatologic problems. We often ignore signals given by our organisms. You are not satisfied with your appearance, condition of your skin and hair? Do you still feel fatigued? Do you have trouble with keeping the right weight? Do relax and supplements bring no effects? Do you feel bad after some meals, although typical allergy tests and examinations showed nothing? Fatigue is not always the reason. Perhaps the problem lies elsewhere. Check if the source of the ailment is not food hypersensitivity. A reliable diagnosis will be given to you by the MRT test.

What is food hypersensitivity?

Some clinicians and analysts believe that a significant impact on the various ailments (e.g., bronchial asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, reflux, migraines and other headaches, weight fluctuations, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, skin eruptions, atopic dermatitis, autism, ADHD) have delayed hypersensitivity reactions (DHT is a Delayed Type Hypersensitivity) on the components of the diet, that is food hypersensitivity. Standard allergic reaction is only with

immunoglobulines type E that belong to the complex of immunologic system antibodies and with the release of histamine and histamine like substances from the damaged cells. It was discovered that the mechanisms depending of these immunoglobulin (IgE) do not explain many reactions to this what are we eating. Food hypersensitivity is when the food that you are eating causes reaction of your immunological system and mediators are released, that is substances causing bowel inflammation and inflammation of other organs and tissues. This happens when you are hypersensitive to any component of the product consumed. If you provide it a small amount, the symptoms may not occur at all. Sometimes your body may be hypersensitive to more than one component, but the symptoms will be the same for each of them (and sometimes stronger and more nagging). For your health and well-being it is crucial to fit the best diet for you individually.

Mediators – why?

Due to the delayed symptoms and lack of IgE and IgG response, traditional methods are not effective in diagnosing ailments caused by the mediators. Till today thousands of mediators have been discovered. That is why searching for the right one is expensive and aimless. However there has been a simpler and less expensive method for detection of the released mediators found. It was discovered that white blood cells have the ability to change its count after contact with the antigen. This is a consequence of the release of mediators by leukocytes and depends on the intensification of the proinflammatory reaction. Develop of the method for measuring the intensification of volume changes contributed to the creation of the MRT test. This test will determine your level of sensitivity to foods and food additives and will eliminate the most reactive products from your diet.

What is MRT test?

MRT Test-Mediator Release Test – is an innovative method for the detection of food hypersensitivity states, stating the degree of response to individual foods. What you eat is antigenically unknown for your organism – that is why your immunologic system „is interested” in your diet. If you have no ailments, it means that the reaction of the body is non-aggressive – this is food tolerance. If due to the fact that you consume too much of specific food that you eat it too often, there are health problems, it means that we are dealing with a food intolerance.

Then „interest” of your immunologic system changes in aggression and mediators are released – and you feel pain and difficult to diagnose inflammation appear. The solution is to perform the MRT test. The test is done with Coulter’s method, improved Ribbon method of Flow Cytometry method. High efficiency of the method in diagnosis of food hypersensitivity has been confirmed by oral cavity provocation test, skin tests and elimination diet. The Test can be done in the ISO-LAB Diagnostic Laboratory.

  • We try to supply our diet with nutritional value without making it taste less intensive and tasty. Unfortunately, nowadays it happens more often that taste of food is improved with use of chemical additives. Both, the additives and food products may cause adverse reactions to our organism. It is worth to know your organism and live in harmony with it. The Polish MRT test panel consists of 150 food antigens and food additives. The reaction of cells to the to the specific antigens is determined by a well-defined procedure.
  • The appropriate of the prepared blood sample is combined with food antigens located on the MRT test panel. The sample is incubated to create conditions similar to those in human body. This is to allow leukocyte-antigens reaction.
  • After the process of incubation and dissolution of blood cells that disturb to get a reliable test result, there is a test done concerning WBC and the volume of blood plasma. The test is done on specialized analyzers. The analyzers use haematological measuring method of flow cytometry method.
  • The result of leukocytes and blood plasma volume test from the samples which were incubated with antigens and corresponding to the „typical” WBC and blood plasma volume. The degree of the received changes indicates the level of reactivity (hypersensitivity).
  • On the basis of the obtained results we analyze reactions and divide them according to their strength/intensity. Significant reactions are divided into reactive(red) and moderate reactive (yellow).Non-reactive foods are referred to a green color. They will become the basis for patient’s dietary plan ImmunoCalm-Purifying Diet – the diet that frees from antigens. The diet will be developed by our dieticians.

What’s so special?

Thanks to the MRT test results we are able not only to relieve the syndromes of food hypersensitivity, but above all to eliminate their causes. Years of observations have helped to create a method fitted to the specifics of these reactions. It very often happens that there are delayed hypersensitivity reactions connected with the food consumed. That is why it is difficult to diagnose the source of the problem and use prevention. Find out how your body reacts to each of the 150 foods and food additives. The MRT test is the only diagnostic method which includes in itself quantity component which allows to determine the intensity of leukocyte reaction to specific food.
The result created for us – „Leap Program Report” – includes also Diet Management Plan covering three activities:

  • elimination of harmful foods,
  • cleansing the body of antigens
  • a proposal of a new style of eating with alternating diet elements.
A small sample test means great changes. The test’s results will be discussed with you and our specialist will present their interpretation. Contact us and gain more information. Find out what and how you can eat not to let new hypersensitivities be created. Following the recommendations you have a good chance that after some time you could include some of the delicacies that are not tolerated at present.
The use of the LEAP Program will allow you to get rid of ailments that seemed to be an integral part of your life, additionally it will make you satisfied with your figure.
Thousands of people in the USA and Europe got convinced about the effectiveness of this method. Join them.

How do we guarantee quality?

We work closely with American creators of MRT and LEAP Program innovative technology. We are authorized Laboratory performing MRT tests for people from whole Europe. We are authorized by Oxford Biomedical Technologies. Patients who perform their tests at our company gain tests’ interpretations that are individually fitted by the LEAP Consultants. Our laboratory is a registered Medical Entity. We are registered in the National Chamber of Laboratory Diagnosticians. The MRT test and high quality analyzers to perform them are marked with CE symbol and meet the safety requirements for medical devices for in vitro diagnostics. We employ highly qualified personnel. Find out yourself!

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