For dietitians

It seems that there are no secrets of human body for dietetics. However, for many experts its complex mechanisms remain a tough nut to crack. Nuts? That’s a good example! Think how many people live without being aware that their bodies are reacting badly to the nuts. They struggle with digestive problems, obesity, headaches and other ailments. If you want to help them effectively and improve their quality of lives – check the MRT Test’s possibilities.
The results of the MRT tests will show hypersensitivity, determine the intensity of reactions and allow to create dietetic plan based on elimination of reactive foods. This is the only as effective diagnostic method. Change the quality of your work , know more with the LEAP Program.

The MRT test has been registered in the Medical Devices Register and ISO-LAB is a registered Medical Entity and the only distributor of the test in Europe.

For testing we use modern equipment used mainly for research purposes. This is a flow citometer thanks to which we gain precise results.

We also co-work with foreign nutritionists.

Take advantage of this and send us the test samples by air. For more information, please use the contact form. Our consultant will contact you and tell you about the details of the cooperation. You can also contact us by phone.

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