What is a 3-day rotary diet and how it works?

What is a 3-day rotating diet and how it works? Rotation Diet is a widely accepted method of treatment of food hypersensitivity. 3 – day rotary diet limits occurrence of a product from the specific group of products to one per three days. For example, if chicken and eggs are non-reactive for you, you can eat them without restriction on Monday, but next time you can eat them on Thursday. This limitation in contact with the food reduces the chance of developing a new sensitivity. Usually, there is a formation of abnormal response to food that we eat too much and too large quantities. Too much quantity of food and eating too often cause abnormal food reactions. One of the theories explains this phenomenon in this way: when we eat the same food for a long time, we lose the ability of proper food break down and assimilation. When the improperly broken down molecules are assimilated during digestion process our immunological system recognizes them as an enemy and attack them every time they are eaten. The best way to prevent new hypersensitivities is to reduce the frequency of dietary products. 3 – Day rotary diet meets this demand.

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