How delayed food allergy affects overweight?

Research has shown that people with delayed food allergy who identified and removed the reactive foods from diet not only lost on weight, but in many cases increased the muscle mass. There are the following reasons why delayed food allergy causes problems in controlling body weight.
1. Body water retention. Significant changes in body weight in short periods of time are typical of food hypersensitivity. Water retention in the body is an attempt to neutralize the effect of the release of pro-inflammatory mediators by leukocytes.

2. Abnormal fat metabolism (lipolysis). Certain released mediators have a direct effect on the metabolism of fat in the body. One of them, Prostaglandin E2 inhibits the body’s ability to properly Lipid, lipolysis, which allows the body to release the excess of fat.

3. Food addiction and appetite. Food hypersensitivity is often compared to food addiction. The patients tend to have unbridled appetite which satisfied during eating causes momentary impression of well-being and relieves the unpleasant psychical and physical symptoms. There is a theory of organism reaction on mediators released from immune cells. They cause temporary biochemical imbalances, raising the level of certain hormones and neurotransmitters. Body is forced to find a way to restore the balance and desires sweet food in the form of sugars and other carbohydrates, producing a cycle that leads to exceeding the number of calories consumed or uncontrolled eating.

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