Enjoy your life again

- experience change with the LEAP Program

Leap is the fulfillment of small, everyday dreams of a life without pain and discomfort. See how easily you can experience relief and get rid of the symptoms, which you so often struggle.

Not always what we like, is good for our body. You probably do not know what causes or may cause in the future hypersensitivity reactions in your body.

Check it out now.
Allow yourself to discover life anew!
Do it without great effort and many sacrifices.


Are you a dietician?

Discover a wide range of possibilities offered to you by joining our program. Take advantage of the knowledge that we have collected over many years and solve the problems of your patients. Earn with us their gratitude and reputation of professional using best practices.

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What do you achieve?

  • well-being
  • relief in pain which you experience
  • healthy weight loss
  • improvement in the overall health

And many more.


Where can you do the test?

Sample test is taken in our laboratory. You can also ask you dietetic for help in sample test taking and send us the sample. Read more and see how little you have to do to make a great change.


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